Mirror Box Therapy

We are the only facility providing mirror box therapy in the northeast (to our knowledge)!

Mirror box therapy has been used in the treatment of CVA (stroke), CRPS (RSD) Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and well as rehabilitation after injury or surgery. It is used to regain movement and control pain.

It has been studied and shown to benefit up to 80% of users – some even report numbers as high as 95%. Mirror therapy is non-invasive and has minimal side effects.

The patient places the affected limb inside the mirror box with the limb covered. They put their unaffected limb in front of the mirror. The reflection makes an appearance of having two normal limbs. Then the patient makes symmetric movements, like clapping hands or praying position. It can be used to become accustomed to touch (if touch is sensitive) by combining it with desensitization.

Video Demonstration:

Phantom pain has been described as a burning, aching, or crushing, like being in a vice. It occurs in up to 80% amputees as well as those with nerve injuries of many types.

CRPS/RD typically includes symptoms such as discoloration of the skin, change in temperatures, intense burning, pain, skin sensitivity, sweating, swelling. It can be severe.

Mirror box use can help with the loss of some control over a limb after a stroke by “rewiring” of the brain.

Neuropathic pain can come from nerve injuries such as from wounds or surgery and may include burning, itching, coldness and numbness or tingling.

“Mirror therapy really does work. I have CRPS/RSD and am now able to manage flare ups myself with no medications… It is a case of retraining the brain. When you have chronic pain the brain changes… Each time you do the mirror therapy the brain receives the “it’s ok” message.”

“I had a stroke 9 months ago… I am 32 – I have used mirror box therapy and found it useful – I have gradually gained more movement in my hand…”

Mirror box therapy can be exhausting and patients should be aware that only a few minutes may be tolerated on the first visit. Phantom pain, CRPS and problems related to stroke are difficult to treat.

McVay physical therapy has mirror visual feedback therapy for the upper extremities (hand/arm) and lower extremities (foot/leg).

It may be advised that you purchase or build a mirror box to augment your recovery in performing the therapy more frequently.

See more on home mirror box in the following video:

Purchase Mirror boxes: $70 (plus shipping) for one for hands/upper extremity  $90 (plus shipping) for one for feet/lower extremity.  Call 401-643-1776 to order.

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